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Got computer trouble?

Trying to diagnose and fix computer problems can be one of the most time-consuming and annoying experiences. Avoid the aggravation and call us. We are certified computer service technicians can get to the heart of any computer problem and fix it fast.
Are you annoyed by an increasing number of pop-ups? Have you noticed that your Internet connection is slower and your computer is crashing frequently? This could be caused by a virus or spyware infection.

Experts at Virus and Spyware Removal

Unlike many of our competitors; we don't just run a bunch of software applications and charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege. Our technicians are trained to manually disable virus and spyware applications from outside of the operating system that allows for efficient and complete removal of the infection.


After we have completed the cleanup on your PC we install and configure anti-virus and anti-spyware applications to help stop future infections. Our partnerships with AVG allow us to provide many options for Anti-Malware prevention. We will also sit with you and help you learn some 'best practices' to insure a virus-free PC.


Imagine all of your home computers sharing a printer, files and one Internet connection. And better yet, imagine eliminating the tangles of computer cables that clutter up your space. That's what a network can do for your home computer system.

Wireless Networking allows you to provide network sharing in your entire house with no wires. Let we setup and secure your wireless network to ensure optimum performance and security. Give us a call today to setup an appointment.


Whether you are looking for a new Desktop, Laptop or any hardware components email us can help. Please give us a call and we will gladly help you configure a computer that fits your needs.

Need to expand your network? Looking to replace some old, tired networking gear? Let we help! We provide great prices on great networking equipment.