Most PC systems are a jumble of hardware add-ons and software plug-ins. Try to call a manufacturer, and it’s always somebody else’s problem. At PC Services, we have strong experience diagnosing and fixing glitches large and small. Don't waste another minute on hold. Call us at 0416 012 126

Virus Spyware

Unlike many of our competitors; we don't just run a bunch of software applications and charge you hundreds of dollars for the privilege. Our technicians are trained to manually disable virus and spyware applications from outside of the operating system that allows for efficient and complete removal of the infection. Don't waste another minute on hold. Call us at 0416 012 126


Wired or Wireless, We’ll Get You Connected. You need your computers to play nicely together. We can help. Wired or wireless, conduit or surface mount, we have the experience to get the job done—whether you’re linking up two computers or 200.


PC Services offers a low cost web design solutions. PC Services is experienced in creating a complete website presence that will bring your pages to life. Our staff takes pride in providing to all our clients the exact impression necessary for their project. We provide you, the client, all the power and flexibility of creating the website yourself without the work. You convey your design ideas and thoughts to our staff and we do the rest. You don't have any ideas yet? Don't worry, we can also provide you with some preliminary designs to get the project started.